Environmentality in action – July 2023

carbon offset

Building a more sustainable future for all. Jungheinrich UK Service continued to be carbon neutral throughout 2022. With the launch of Environmentality in 2021, Jungheinrich UK announced its commitment to being a carbon neutral company by 2035. In order to start our journey towards carbon neutrality, we conducted analysis of the carbon footprint of Jungheinrich […]

Environmentality in action – February 2023


AG Barr and Jungheinrich  To facilitate business growth, leading soft drink manufacturer AG Barr established a pressing requirement to renew their ageing forklift fleet across their warehouses. It was also vital that these new trucks would need to be in line with their sustainability and health & safety objectives, which meant a need to move […]

Sustainability update December 2022

Last year we launched Environmentality, a new way of thinking which cemented Jungheinrich UK’s commitment to sustainability. We became the first materials handling company in the UK to declare that we would no longer be promoting combustion engine trucks and also to keep to the group target for all Jungheinrich sites to be climate neutral […]

3 Tips for a more sustainable office.

the sustainable office

What we can do together. 1. Use paper conscientiously: In Germany, 250 kilograms of paper per capita are consumed annually, which corresponds to the combined consumption of Africa and South America. A simple tip for saving paper would be to use waste paper (misprints, old one-sided prints, etc.) as draft printing paper or notepaper. A […]


launch of environmentality

Environmentality – Our new way of thinking. Climate change is big news and with the UK committing to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050, Jungheinrich are proudly joining some of the largest companies in the UK on the ‘road to net zero’. We intend to be right at the forefront of the industry and […]

Environmentality in action August 2022

rapid racking and jungheinrich

Rapid Racking go fully electric. Leading UK shelving and storage experts, Rapid Racking, based in Gloucestershire, has partnered with Jungheinrich to further support its sustainability goals. This long-term partnership will see the introduction of a new twenty-one strong, all-electric forklift fleet this year. Impressed by Jungheinrich’s commitment and experience in Lithium-ion power, Rapid Racking recognises […]

Stop and think for a moment.

how green is your fleet

Just how green is your fleet? Use our new web based Carbon Calculator to estimate your emissions based on the trucks you currently operate. Whether your trucks run on diesel, gas or lead-acid batteries, tell us and we’ll work it out – you may be surprised with the results!