Environmentality in action – February 2023

AG Barr and Jungheinrich 

To facilitate business growth, leading soft drink manufacturer AG Barr established a pressing requirement to renew their ageing forklift fleet across their warehouses. It was also vital that these new trucks would need to be in line with their sustainability and health & safety objectives, which meant a need to move away from LPG powered internal combustion powered trucks and to investigate cleaner alternatives. 

Jungheinrich were brought in to provide a solution and as a result have entered into a long-term partnership with AG Barr. A new 70 strong forklift all-electric fleet will be introduced this year. This new fleet will consist of a combination of Lithium-ion technology and conventional battery powered vehicles. The combination of Lithium-ion technology and opportunity charging enables continuous operation of the fleet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and as Lithium-ion batteries do not emit any gasses during charging, the need for expensive exhaust systems at charging stations was removed. 

The use of Lithium-ion was not possible in all scenarios, so in these areas Jungheinrich are providing their industry leading 2 shift 1 charge battery system, allowing for maximum uptime whilst minimising charging times. 

Jungheinrich’s in-house Electrical Infrastructure team worked closely with AG Barr at every stage using advanced technology to ensure there was sufficient charging power available for when the fleet arrived. In addition, Jungheinrich supplied both trial and demonstration vehicles and electrical charging infrastructure across multiple AG Barr sites to help AG Barr’s team become familiar with the electric fleet before its arrival. 

‘Our partnership with Jungheinrich has enabled us to have a forklift fleet across all our warehouses which is safer, more efficient and contributes towards our environmental sustainability ambition to become a carbon net zero business. The Jungheinrich team worked with us to ensure we identified the solutions which best fit our needs, and their latest technology solutions give us step-change improvements in all aspects of performance.’ 

Karl Donnan, Supply Chain Director, AG Barr.