Environmentality in action – July 2023

Building a more sustainable future for all.

Jungheinrich UK Service continued to be carbon neutral throughout 2022.

With the launch of Environmentality in 2021, Jungheinrich UK announced its commitment to being a carbon neutral company by 2035. In order to start our journey towards carbon neutrality, we conducted analysis of the carbon footprint of Jungheinrich UK as a whole and by department. As we previously reported, results showed that the department with the highest emissions was Customer Service, given that service engineers are out on the road most days.

So in recognition of that, Jungheinrich UK once again conducted a full audit of the emissions of its service for 2022 and introduced measures to make the service delivered by the Customer Service engineers, climate neutral.

Following on from 2021’s successful sponsorship of a hydroelectric power plant in India, for 2022 we have compensated for our unavoidable emissions by purchasing carbon credits in a sustainable waste management project in Vietnam:

Jungheinrich UK Service has offset its greenhouse gas emissions for 2022 by purchasing 0,000 certificates from the Vietstar Sustainable Waste Treatment Project, Vietnam. 

This innovative project aims to address the environmental impact of municipal landfills by pre-sorting and classifying solid waste, recycling plastic and then treating remaining organic matter with advanced composting technology. To drive circularity, the final product of organic compost is then sold as high-quality bio-fertilizer – producing over 53,000 tons each year. The facility treats 432,000 tons of solid waste per year, daily that’s around 1,200 tons.

When organic waste starts to decompose it releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas. In the past, there has been a lack of measures to control greenhouse gas emissions from being released into the atmosphere from landfills in Vietnam. This project is helping make Ho Chi Minh City’s waste disposal more sustainable. It recycles as much as possible and turns organic waste into compost to cut methane emissions.

For more information, contact us at sustainability@jungheinrich.co.uk