Environmentality – Our new way of thinking.

Climate change is big news and with the UK committing to reduce emissions to net zero by 2050, Jungheinrich are proudly joining some of the largest companies in the UK on the ‘road to net zero’.

We intend to be right at the forefront of the industry and have formulated a new way of thinking which we call ‘Environmentality’.

Integral to our business at every level, Environmentality is an attitude to the key environmental issues facing mankind and a sense of responsibility to the natural world, making things cleaner and healthier for yourselves, our customers and the wider community.

The main thrust of our efforts revolve around our forklift truck range becoming fully electric and in particular Lithium-ion powered. Jungheinrich UK are Group leaders with around 40% of our sales being Li-ion powered, an achievement we should be very proud of.

The next step on this journey to being carbon neutral is our bold decision to focus solely on offering electric trucks and no longer promoting ICE trucks in the UK.

Phil Woodhall of Jungheinich UK quoted:

“Having analysed our customer applications, I firmly believe that our electric product range can satisfy all customer needs.

This way, we can continue to help our customers take a significant step towards their own sustainability targets.”