Leading Lithium-ion technology

The key driver for enabling us to achieve our Carbon Neutral goals is our decision to phase out internal combustion engine trucks and to replace them with fully electric, Lithium-ion powered products.

As the first manufacturer to introduce Li-ion into the market over ten years ago, Jungheinrich are at the forefront of this technology, continually developing new products to help you become more efficient and sustainable.

‘Following significant progress in the development of Li-ion especially in the counterbalance truck, we firmly believe that our electric product range can satisfy all your materials handling needs, and that we can continue to help you take significant steps towards your own sustainability targets.’

Electric advantages

Jungheinrich have been developing market leading electric forklift trucks for years and recent significant developments in the Counterbalance truck sector means we can provide you with a clean and efficient alternative to the traditional IC truck which can perform equally as well, even in harsh outdoor environments.