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DoorCo Case Study 


DoorCo, Macclesfield


Composite Doors


To replace existing fleet of gas-powered trucks with electric forklifts across the warehouse in line with current sustainability and health & safety objectives.

DoorCo Safety, Sustainability & Savings Hinge On Jungheinrich

You know what they say about ‘as one door closes…’. As DoorCo reached the end of its relationship with its previous forklift supplier, the company saw the opportunity to transform its carbon footprint and operator safety, and Jungheinrich saw an opportunity to help.

DoorCo is growing fast, building on its reputation as an innovative market leader in the B2B supply of composite doors and cassettes. Unusually within the industry, the £40m+ business operates an in-house supply chain, with its products developed at one of the most advanced door manufacturing facilities in the world.

In 2023, DoorCo was exploring the market with the intention of replacing its aging fleet of powered trucks. Richard George, Head of Health & Safety, Quality & Environment at DoorCo takes up the story:

“Our existing fleet of forklift trucks was gas-powered, so the environmental and cost impacts of that were huge. In a climate where cutting costs and being environmentally conscious are of equal importance, it simply made no sense to continue as we had been.”

Richard had prior experience of Jungheinrich’s trucks and knew the quality and range of the company’s products and its reputation in the market. That was the catalyst for further discussion.
“With change comes opportunity,” he says. “One of the earliest discussions we had was about switching from gas to lead-acid electric trucks. Not only were Jungheinrich able to accommodate that, but they gave us a comprehensive breakdown of the carbon we would save with an electric fleet. We were looking at savings of almost 840 tonnes of CO2e over the life of the contract. That was huge for us.”

All change at DoorCo

The company ran 18 forklift trucks across three sites in Macclesfield, operating 15 hours a day Monday to Friday. “Our FLTs are essential for all functions of our business, both the prepping and distribution sides, so ensuring our fleet is operational without downtime is imperative to hitting our KPIs,” Richard explains. “Choosing to change the fleet was operationally quite a challenge and planning the switchover to avoid downtime was a combined effort between us and the team at Jungheinrich.

“We decided to swap our entire fleet to Jungheinrich and invest in vehicles for our new Doncaster manufacturing facility too. It’s a significant investment.”

Proactive about safety

“We’re moving about 2,500 doors a day,” Richard says. “One pallet of 25 doors weighs close to a tonne so each single truck movement is quite a significant load. Consequently, one of the factors that was very important in making the decision to switch supplier was the safety features of the Jungheinrich fleet.

“Operators can’t start the truck until they’ve completed their safety checks. If they have a bump in the truck, it’s recorded. We can spot negative operator trends before they result in an accident. All of that is a major advantage when it comes to managing health and safety. We don’t want to be reactive, and I certainly don’t want to measure accidents. I want to measure something that tells me we’re heading towards an accident so we can intervene and prevent it. That’s what the truck telematics can do.

“Not only is that helping us manage health and safety; it’s also preventing damage to equipment. That can have a huge impact on costs.”

Drivers onboard

DoorCo involved its FLT operators in the selection of forklift partner and the choice of equipment.

“We felt that was absolutely critical,” says Richard, “because if you invest in a piece of kit that nobody likes using  you end up with some but expensive but dusty equipment. Our operators felt that the Jungheinrich trucks were hands down the best ones from their operational point of view.”

Maximise your vision of what a fleet can be

What advice would Richard offer to any other organisation considering renewing its fleet? “I would say maximise your vision of what a fleet can be. It’s not just about moving a load from A to B — any truck can do that. Think what else you can gain, what opportunities you can unlock and how to maximise them.

“Then, create your ‘wish list’ and your ‘non-negotiables’. That made it really easy to cut through a lot of the noise and work our way towards Jungheinrich who had a solution that actually met our needs.

“The whole process has been really smooth. We’ve enjoyed working with the team and we’re excited to get the new fleet in and start enjoying the benefits of the investment.”

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“In the lifespan of DoorCo, this is the first time we’ve made a big change of this nature. We had to be 100 percent certain that we were changing for the right reason, to the right partner. Ultimately, it wasn’t a difficult decision,” Richard says.

“You’ve made this such a painless journey for us. That’s really important. When you’re running a business, you need things to run smoothly. You need things to be ‘bump-free’. You’ve absolutely done that.
“We pride ourselves on being an agile business, responding as fast as we can to the marketplace. Having a partner who is equal to that just makes business so much easier and that’s really important. Jungheinrich has been by far the best company we’ve partnered with in terms of FLT trucks.”

Richard George, Head of Health & Safety, Quality & Environment at DoorCo