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Environmentality case studies

Rapid Racking Case Study 


Rapid Racking, Gloucestershire.


Racking and shelving solutions.


To supply a new 21 strong all-electric forklift fleet to be introduced this year.

The requirement

Leading UK shelving and storage experts, Rapid Racking, based in Gloucestershire, has partnered with Jungheinrich to further support its sustainability goals.

This long-term partnership will see the introduction of a new twenty-one strong, all-electric forklift fleet this year. Impressed by Jungheinrich’s commitment and experience in Lithium-ion power, Rapid Racking recognises that this is the most viable solution to increase efficiency, reduce costs and maximise output within the warehouse.

The solution

Aiming to continue business growth through a full upgrade and replacement of its warehouse fleet, Rapid Racking’s drive for sustainability and efficiency led a move away from LPG powered trucks, upgrading to a fully electric fleet using a combination of Jungheinrich’s Lithium-ion technology and conventional battery powered vehicles with a 2 shifts/1 charge guarantee. Whenever opportunity charging is not feasible, Jungheinrich has provided a smart system which allows for maximum uptime while minimising charging times. Together, lithium-ion batteries and opportunity charging enable continuous operation of the fleet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Additionally, the transition to Lithium-Ion has immediately reduced levels of air pollution and noise within the indoor spaces providing a more pleasant and efficient working environment. As a result of reducing manual handling and eliminating gas cylinder changes, the Rapid Racking team is able to meet high demand more quickly and efficiently.

The statement

‘By switching to Jungheinrich’s Lithium-ion technology, we now have a fully electric fleet operating throughout our three warehouses. This has enabled us to move much closer to our sustainability targets, which was a big factor in making this transition. On an operational level, the Rapid Racking warehouse team have found Jungheinrich’s solutions more stable and user-friendly which optimises the team’s picking efficiency. Plus, we will not have to change our equipment now after 5 years but they could last up to 8 years. For us, it was a win-win.’

Vincent Smit, Operations Manager, Rapid Racking

‘We are thrilled that we were able to support Rapid Racking’s sustainability goals by enabling them to switch to a fully Lithium-ion fleet providing them with huge environmental and economic benefits including efficiency and productivity gains. As a company that has a passion for providing sustainable solutions for our customers that also complement their business objectives, it has been a pleasure to work with Rapid Racking on the upgrade and renewal of its warehouse fleet.’

Phil Pearson, Sales Management Director, Jungheinrich